Ask Campaigns Anything: RE:GEN

Energym is resetting the conversation around sustainable portable energy and home fitness.  In this installment of our Ask Campaigns Anything series – we sit down with the founder of Energym to talk about their newest launch – RE:GEN.

Ask Campaigns Anything: GoSun Chillest

If you don’t like ice - take solace in knowing you’re not alone.  In this installment of ask campaigns anything - we’ll be chatting with the founder of GoSun, Patrick Sherwin, about his most recent launch - a solar powered cooler, dubbed: the Chillest.  

Lomi Composter: Ask Campaigns Anything Series

Pela wants to change how we compost food with their Lomi composter. We sat down with Pela to learn more about their business and how sustainability is at the core of their values.

Announcing Our Ask Campaigns Anything Series

The purpose of the ACA is to advance the spirit of transparency further into the ethos of crowdfunding by providing sustainability and eco-minded backers with more information to make an informed decision when backing campaigns by answering questions around their business model, manufacturing, and attempt to clarify any claims made on their campaign page that need it.

A Silent Supermajority: The Risk of Greenwashing in Crowdfunding

Greenwashing is any false or misleading claim made by a company to bolster their eco and green bona fides with consumers.  

How The Circular Economy Can Save The Planet

By adopting a “return and renew” model, where components are made to be reused or recycled, we can reduce waste on all fronts.

Teracube 2e: Next Evolution of Sustainable Phones

This smartphone has a replaceable battery, is DIY repairable, made from recycled material, and comes with a sturdy biodegradable case.

The Making of Wind Quest: A New Children's Adventure Novel produced with Hemp Paper

Wind Quest, a new adventure novel for children, is taking an innovative and progressive approach to sustainability.

QuenchSea: Turn Seawater into Freshwater

This portable, manually-powered device instantly turns seawater into drinkable freshwater.

Manuka Honey: Honey with a Mission to Save Bees

Ethically & sustainably sourced Manuka Honey from New Zealand set out to plant trees and save bees.

The Briiv Air Filter: Unlock the Power of Plants

A sustainable air purifier inspired by nature and powered by nano technology.

The One Bottle by The One Movement

The only reusable water bottle that transforms ocean plastic into homes for those in need.


Tomorrow's sunglasses from yesterdays waste: Yuma Labs' premium sunglasses from recycled plastic. Polarized, made in Italy and fully recyclable.

The Renewal Workshop

Introducing Renewed Apparel! The easiest and most fashionable way to save the planet.


The Reusable Tissue Pack: If a Kleenex pack and a handkerchief had a baby

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