Wind Quest, a new adventure novel for children, is taking an innovative and progressive approach to sustainability. Creators, Eli and Isaac Marmar, have infused sustainability throughout the plot of the story as well as the printing process of the book. The story follows a twelve year-old boy and his parents living on a sailboat. Plant medicine, ecology, mysticism and living in harmony with nature are themes that run through the story and are brought to life through illustrated footnotes. So naturally a story like this calls for sustainable book printing as well. Eli has spent the past two months researching and sourcing sustainable options.

"We explored paper sourced from stone and bamboo but we are now leaning strongly towards using hemp. Hemp paper has so many incredible advantages over tree paper. Beyond the incredible potential to save 4 billion trees annually, there are many other ecological advantages." said Eli Marmar.

The 6 Benefits of Hemp paper:

1. Hemp matures in 4 months versus 20 years for trees.
2. Hemp can yield 4 times more fiber/acre than trees.
3. Hemp paper uses 1/8th the chemicals needed in paper production versus tree paper.
4. Hemp paper production creates 1/10th the pollution versus tree paper.
5. Hemp paper can be recycled up to 7 times versus 4 tree pulp.
6. Hemp paper is currently significantly more expensive than tree paper.

About 40 to 60 percent of retooling is necessary to switch from tree paper to hemp paper. Eli adds, "We feel confident that if we explain the many benefits of hemp paper, our audience will be willing to pay more for it. Our hope is that Wind Quest as an early adopter will inspire other authors and publishers to use hemp as well. Much like what we are seeing with solar panels, as demand grows and price comes down, hemp paper could have the potential to significantly replace tree paper."

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