Energym is resetting the conversation around portable power and smart home fitness with their newest launch – RE:GEN.  RE:GEN is a workout bike where in the effort exerted by pedaling is translated into clean reusable energy stored by their proprietary battery – the Ohm.

In this installment of our Ask Campaigns Anything Series – I sit down with the founder of Energym, Will Flint, to chat about microgeneration, Energym, and sustainability.  There’s so much to chat about – let’s go ahead and get to it.

Stacy Bradford:  Great seeing you again Will!  Tell us a little about Energym and the founding of the company.

Will Flint: Energym are a precision-engineering, tech-focused start-up based in Birmingham, UK with a passion for fitness. Founded by Will Flint, Energym is built on the realisation that capturing the energy, from everyone’s workout will have a real, meaningful impact on climate change. As a result, we can make a tangible difference for the benefit of the future.

SB: Interesting.  How does that play into Energym’s business model.

WF: Currently, all of the energy from people’s workouts is being wasted, our technology allows us to take this energy and transform it into clean, useable, sustainable, electrical power. Our journey has just begun with our home product, the RE:GEN allowing people to make use of this technology in their own home to power their devices. However, this is just the start, we’re now in discussions with Gyms and Commercial spaces and have a few installations already in the pipeline. In addition to this, we’re continuing to expand on our technology, with some new products beginning to enter the development stage.

SB:  Let’s pivot a bit – is Energym a certified B-Corp?

WF: Energym are not currently a B-Corp however this is in our plan for the company’s future.

SB: Speaking of your future – I read on your site that Energym is looking to become a carbon neutral company? Tell us more about the audit process.

WF: Currently, we are not a carbon neutral company, however we are undergoing a carbon footprint audit to help us determine where we currently are, and we will use the results from this study to map out an action plan to become carbon neutral, or even carbon negative.

SB: Sounds like there’s a lot of good stuff in the works.   Are there any current partnerships we should know about?

WF: We have a partnership with Sweatcoin, who have a complimentary mission. Sweatcoin’s mission is to create a ‘healthier you, and a healthier planet’, by incentivising physical activity and enabling Sweatcoin donations to charitable causes through “Sweatcoin for Good”.

SB: Sweatcoin sounds super interesting.  Tell me more about it.

WF: Our partnership with Sweatcoin, a digital health incentives application that rewards healthy lifestyle choices, allows our customers to get incentives through their workouts. Customers can earn sweatcoins for completing a workout, and then spend them in the custom-built Energym marketplace. 

Beyond health and fitness, we’re working together to make a positive impact on the planet—through Sweatcoin for Good and our workout bike’s ability to generate clean energy from cycling. Aligned in both our mission and ethos, we aim to raise the quality of life of our customers by empowering them to make good choices concerning their health and the planet.

SB:  Speaking of choices – how will the majority of the funds be used?

WF:  The funds will enable us to move forwards with manufacturing.

SB:  Speaking of manufacturing – let’s talk about it.  Where is RE:GEN manufactured?

WF: RE:GEN is part manufactured in China and UK but overall assembly is done in UK.

SB: ­Have you personally toured the space?

WF: Due to COVID restrictions, we haven’t been able to go and tour the space as we would have liked. Instead we have had numerous calls with our suppliers, and their people on the ground, as well as various virtual tours of the factories themselves. We have a rigorous vetting procedure when it comes to selecting suppliers, we like to ensure that they are aligned with our mission and our ethos and look after their staff, as well as providing quality parts and materials.

SB: Totally understand with COVID.  But let me ask you this: does the factory adhere to international labour standards?

WF: Yes.

SB: How are the materials sourced?

WF: We are using recycled materials where possible but other raw materials are sourced from the proper channels.

SB:  Speaking of recycled materials – Tell me: what’s ecoplastic?

WF: Ecoplastic refers to plastic that has been recycled from other plastic products, such as bottles. Sadly, this doesn’t make it biodegradable, but it does increase the lifecycle of the material which helps keep it out of landfills.

SB:  I like keeping things out of landfills.  What other environmental benefits does the RE:GEN have?

WF: Reduce the carbon footprint of the individual users due to our energy generation feature, in addition to the impact users can have on an individual basis at home, we’re also now beginning to roll out our commercial product, allowing us to reach a higher volume of people in gyms and office spaces.

SB:  I’m curious - how much energy does RE:GEN consume per workout vis-a-vis how much energy is transferred and stored via Ohm after said workout?

WF: Powering the RE:GEN uses 2 watts, the average person will create around 200Wh during their workouts, with the Ohm capturing 100Wh, it makes the 2 required by the RE:GEN minimal.

SB:  On your campaign page – Energym makes the claim that the RE:GEN has the potential to power 250,000 homes in the UK.  Share a little more about the math behind that claim.

Number of UK Gym Goers: 10,000,000
Average Wh generated per ride: 200
Rides per day: 1Daily kWh generated: 2,000,000
Average daily home consumption: 6kWh
Homes provided: 333,333

SB:  I still need to ask you about the Ohm!  How long will each Ohm last on a single charge?

WF: The Ohm will give you 100Wh of power, which can charge: your phone 11 times, your laptop 2.6 times, and with our snap-on extender, you can even use the Ohm to power devices that require a wall plug. In terms of time, the Ohm will last however long it takes you to utilize that power.

SB:  Now that we’re beginning to wrap up here.  Let me ask you these pretty straight forward questions.  RE:GEN and its accessories contain any chemicals recognized by any entity as carcinogenic or otherwise harmful to the environment?

WF: No.

SB: What’s the anticipated ship date for RE:GEN?

WF: November 2021.

SB: What shipping provider does Energym use for RE:GEN?

WF: Sea freight by DHL global forwarding

SB:  Lastly in closing - any advice out there for other entrepreneurs out there looking into getting into the energy, green tech, sustainability space?

WF: Climate change and sustainability is the biggest crisis faced by our generation, we need more movers, innovators, problem solvers, boundary breakers to find the solutions we need to overcome the issues we’re facing. Collaboration is key to innovation, build a team, move fast and keep thinking outside of the box.